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Sonic Sleep Coach

Sonic Sleep Coach helps improves your cognitive and physical well-being by blocking out noise pollution and making sleep deeper. We are building a system that uniquely uses motion, audio, and heart rate date combined with sound stimulation to sleep cycles. Numerous studies have shown the beneficial effects of these guided sleep cycles on memory.


This tool allows you to discover what sleep schedule and what periods of the day are associated to your peak mental and physical state. By using sleep-2-Peak, you will become aware of alertness variations beyond what you can feel and you will discover how powerful your schedule choices can be to boost your performances naturally. This task uses a variation of the psychomotor vigilance tasks that has been validated by scientific research.

Mind Metrics

Simple games that are proven to measure your alertness system and higher level cognitive abilties. The tasks include: the psychomotor vigilance task, N-Back tasks, and combined N-Back and vigilance tasks.

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